Why Is Rock So Heavy?


Another day 4 AM alarm, and another day of digging. Today was day number 2 in our month long dig. The weather was not bad, but not as nice as the first day. The early morning brought moving heavy stones from the eastern wall of the church. The “Arny Net” was put to good use throughout the day today moving heavy stones. We did the nasty work early in the morning before it got too hot.
Square A5 began their dig day by moving some more heavy stones from atop their work site. Kevin Fitzgerald was a primary stone mover being the youngest and strongest member of that square’s team. After digging down only 1/2 meter the team found a couple of mysterious walls. The excavation and careful troweling around the walls began at their discovery.
Our team in Square E8 began the day with the goal to hit the street (Cardo 2N). That particular goal was never reached…due to heavy randomly placed stones just below the surface. The Arny Net was our most useful tool but the work of digging the stones out was still pretty rough. Dr. Schuler along with Andrea Chandler and Jess Tewes took some measurements and estimate that we have 20-40 cm of digging to get down to the street level. That is what we hope to do tomorrow.
The F2 square prided themselves in being able to keep a perfectly level square and had no problem boasting about such a feat. The F2 team found what appears to be stairs and they reached what appears to be the floor of their square because it is at about the same level as the rest of the church. They had the tedious task of sweeping the large amount of dust and dirt off of the floor. This task was performed by Bob Gehrke.
After all the digging was done the team had the immense please of washing off pottery (let’s just say if I was allergic to pottery it wouldn’t be the worst thing).
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