I Can Feel My Body… And It Hurts…


Independence Day passed with little notice here at Sussita. Another beautiful day here as I sit on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and try to ignore the pain in my lower back. The Squares. E8: Not much to tell except many boulders moved and still no street. Those guys sure worked hard, and they worked on filling up their hole and leveling their square. Robert The Impaler was a complete stud today with the pick, they don't ordain them like they used to apparently. A5: This square has walls coming out the wazoo. Today they worked at cleaning the walls and digging deeper in the two northern quadrants.
F2: These folks removed the walkway around the church and found a column (which was a beast to move let me tell you). They also found what appears to be a femur of a cow.
Pottery washing today was quick, thanks God, and everyones doing ok here. tomorrow we pack up to go to Jerusalem where Bob will be leaving us and we will be getting some more folks.
Thats all I got for today, and to quote a childhood hero of mine, sssooo long, folks!