Street = Happiness


The last day of the first week was a success all of the squares did very well this week in finding what they were wanting to find. The A5 square found what they believe is part of a street and a couple of walls that are of different time periods. The F2 square who had knocked out a barrier the day before continued their work in slowly exposing the surroundings of their initial square. The E8 team had a huge success today because the street was found today or at least a portion of it. Dr. Schuler had our team dance in the street because we had found it.
The street (Cardo 2N) is missing some pieces and the wall on the one side seems to have suffered major damage. The fact that we found the street is a huge success for our team. The other teams found walls which they think are of different time periods.
Who knows how much of the street (cardo 2N) is actually still there or if the walls that were found in A5 hold a lot of meaning but the one thing we can be sure of is our great success in the first week of digging. The Galilee region has been amazing thus far.