Sunday, July 8th


Today marked another day of digging in many of the previous squares, and the opening of two new ones. The loss of Pastor Pickax was felt, but the new team members are earning their way.

Square E8 continued work on exposing the road at the bottom of what has begun to be called "The Pit of Despair", or colloquially, "The Pit." Rocks continue to be removed as well as copious amounts of dirt.

A5 continued exposing the walls that they had previously uncovered, and made the discovery of an 13 centimeter drainage pipe.

C5 was one of the two newest squares, and exposed approximately 10 centimeters of dirt, but ran into significant problems with a shade in the late morning.

F0 was the other new square, and over the course of the day lowered their surface a half meter. While digging they found in the surface dirt two coins, one of which is dated to the third century AD, but because of it's location may be unusable. Two pieces of glass have also been found which may be a bottle and a stopper. Work on the mosaic restoration continues at a steady pace.