The Ants Go Marching…. Into THE ABYSS


Dear Friends, I must confess that my friends and I working over in the Pit of Despair began to lose all hope for E8 today. After squaring off the POD (pit of despair) we began searching for the nonexistent pavement we were sure to find at the bottom. Instead of pavement we found a layer of caked mud. We were positive that the pavement was UNDER the muddy-gravely-stuff. It wasn't. We had fun. If only Bob were here… Other squares were likewise interesting. Linda's square C5 really got trucking after the infamous Arny of the Net (like cargo as opposed to the inter variety) began working. They found a wall cutting their square ruffly in half. Jim's new square A4 is trucking along the outside of that wall. They found a bunch of roof tiles we had to clean today at pottery washing. Thanks, Jim. We all appreciate it. F0 is likewise continuing to expose part of a wall. Thats Lynn's department. There was a great deal of excitement when they found a good size iron bar about 10 cm down. Too bad it was modern. Sorry folks. Inside the big tent Susan and her crew continue to expose the mosaic. Jess is having O SO MUCH FUN drawing it all. Piece. By Piece. By Piece. HAHAHAHAHA. Well we got a big crew working this week, and dirt is certainly flying. We got a lot of things going… it's fun… Your Bro in Christ, Kevin