“Good morning Concordia…it’s another beautiful day in Israel!”


Those words ring out every morning at 4:45 in the parking lot while waiting for the bus to arrive. This morning began with more rock moving and clean up. The E8 team from yesterday was reassigned to various squares. The A4 square found a wall and the other side to the easterly apse of the church. That team found lots of glass, pottery and Pastor Jim apparently found a throne on which to sit and turreah. The F0 team found lots of unfortunate things today. Among these things were modern metals and assorted nails. The team also found some encouraging things such as several pieces that came probably from one pot, glass, and bone. The C4 team found a supervisor today. Their little friend checked in on them from time to time and even joined them in their square. This friend just happened to be a scorpion. C5 encountered many walls and were not allowed to pickax and turreah. Thus they had to trowel around the stones but some of them admitted that it gave them a break from the rigorous digging. Finally the old Pit of Despair was done over by a tractor that obviously came from God. The 4 squares are on the outskirts of the current exposed church trying to find the extent of the complex. The F0 team found a couple of modern items which leads Dr. Schuler to believe that it was disturbed by a tractor and the IDF. The other teams found walls that they believe to be assorted hallways and other rooms on the outside of the complex. The interpretations of the walls and corridors exposed by today's digging are a bit unreliable because we have no idea of what lies further down in the dirt. The walls could be part of the urban monastery complex or adjacent buildings. Only time and a lot of dirt will give up these secrets. Today was another good day of digging and with our team at its largest we hope to make one last big push before we say goodbye to 5 of our teammates. Thats all for now… Matt