Boiled Eggs for breakfast and dinner today


Today saw another day of digging for the CSP crew. In all honesty, this was a surprise to most of the team as it almost never happens this way. Or we do it every day. One of those two.

C4 continued digging out the floor, but their supervising arachnid was absent. Nonetheless, some interesting finds were uncovered, including a piece of marble that has unknown origins.

C3 worked on exposing the wall on their East side, and that's about it for today.

The area formally known as the Pit of Despair has now been renamed to "The tunnel of Love" or "The Tunnel of Hope" depending on whom you ask. Several meters of the remaining rubble have been removed, and that team is working as hard as ever. The Good Doctor himself spent most of his day in this area shifting dirt. Go Dr. S!

Lastly, tonight is the last night for five members of the team, and thus it will be spent at least partially in the pub. Goodbye to Fred, Becky, Jake, Jim and Janet. Your humor, hard work, and great attitudes will be missed.