5 Meters, 2 Days, No Problem.


Hey Folks, I must confess that I, THE Kevin FitzGerald, am exhausted. I know many of you did not think I showed any signs representative of the physical abuse we have received since we arrived, but yes, even Kevin can be pushed to his limit. Haha, Just Kidding! All day yesterday and today I worked in the Cardo de Amore (a.k.a. the tunnel of love) clearing all the way down to the street. We cleared 5 meters of the street in 2 days, thanks largely to Kristina and Matt who worked their tails off the whole time. It will probably take us most of next week still to clear all the way down to the Pit of Despair, but we are making excellent progress. The C5 crowd worked on taking down the baulk covering the wall at the edge of their square. All I have to say about this crowd is Arny is a freeking tractor. They did great work all day today. The A4 peoples have walls coming out right precisely where they didn't expect them. Its OK, they are rolling with it and taking it down layer by layer. The F0 group is likewise making great progress, they even found another coin today. Sweet stuff! Professor thought that he was going to close their square today, but they are doing such a great job he decided to let them keep going next week. The dirt certainly flew this week, but tonight we have to say goodbye to 5 of our esteemed companions. Jake, Becky, Fred, Janet, and Jim are all leaving us. We will certainly miss them both on the job site and around the kibbutz. Except Fred, I wont miss him because he keeps telling me to "shut up" in his Australian accent and pointing his finger menacingly at me (says Kevin sarcastically)…. Seriously, these guys have all been a blessing to work with and we are sad to see them go. Tonight Kristina's friend Laura is arriving, which is exciting. Equally exciting is the fact that I will be sleeping through lunch tomorrow. Thats always fun. Until next time… Peace, Love and Puppies, Kevin