hmmm? Mysteries Galore


Today was another day of digging. The day began like every other day by moving rocks. Today was different because instead of moving rocks from the A corridor we moved them from the E corridor. The street team appreciated the help because there are a lot of rocks that need moving. There were only 3 areas open today due to the loss of team members. The three areas were the E corridor, the two areas C squares and the A squares. The E team found a lot of street today and we think that the street is relatively intact despite what we found in E8. We hope to uncover more intact street tomorrow. The C squares were a wealth of pottery today. They had a couple of full buckets of pottery by the end of the day. They also found a doorway that leads to the south which means more excavation to the south of the church complex. The team in the A squares found a very small room apparently the size of a sarcophagus which leads Dr. Schuler in suspecting another tomb.
The use of the room found in the A squares is still unclear and will remain that way until the team is able to dig a little deeper. Who knows what lies to the south of the church complex maybe it is the lost residential area, only more digging will reveal its secrets. The street is also a big question because who knows if the street is still a wreck or if it was just E8 that suffered massive destruction. That is about all that happened today. We have church tonight which is always a nice way to begin a week. Peace.