Praise God from whom all blessings flow…


Today was another day up on top of Hippos. This morning was particularly special because we had the reburial ceremony for the ‘saints’ whose bones were extracted from the grave under the chancel. The service was a liturgical service by Rhoda, Dr. Schuler’s wife. There were quite a few people from other teams who attended as well. It was cool to do the burial as the sun was rising. We did the liturgy, a prayer, and the doxology, and Dr. Schuler poured the bones into the grave and anointed them with oil. Dr. Schuler even made a new friend with a big hairy spider that was down in the grave with him.
The street provided another rough day for the 7 people who were working on it. The POD, Pit of Despair, gave up more rocks today but Arny and Linda were not phased. They hauled dirt, and it was almost hard to keep up with them. Kristina and Kevin did a great job too today. They started out on the Decamanus and began working toward Arny and Linda. Mark handed buckets up to Jon and I who built a pretty fancy ramp out the excessive amount of dirt hauled from the pit. The ramp was named Ayd Mill in honor of the street in St. Paul. The A team worked hard today too. They took their squares down another level toward horizon C. They continued to expose the many walls that have appeared in their square.
Tomorrow brings another day of hard labor on the street and more dirt flying through the air as both teams work towards their goals. Thats all for now…peace!