New Bloggers for 2009 Season!


Welcome to Dig It!, the blog chronicling the final season of the Concordia University Team’s excavation of the NE church at Hippos on the Golan Heights in Israel.  Andrea Heiliger and I will have the JOY of posting daily updates once we’re in Israel.  But some of us (the Drs. Schuler) are living and breathing Hippos dig details on a daily basis now.

I have two running check lists, one personal and the other my duties at Regina Logistica for the dig.  Every day I’m whittling away at my lists …

Personal: Try on those boots from 2006 that have been in the basement for 3 years and make sure they still fit.  Check!  I wore them around the house one day, and they feel fine.

Dig Duties:   Purchase miscellaneous supplies needed for the dig.  Check!  The Drs. Schuler spent Friday night shopping at the local Super Target and Menards getting an eclectic number of items: first aid items (no explanation needed!), ziplock bags in assorted sizes (for storing the daily pottery finds), lunch bags (for collecting small finds like animal bones and glass), and blue paint tape (for re-assembling broken pottery).

Andrea and I PROMISE the blog this season will be MORE INTERESTING than last year’s.  Having read a couple of posts from last year, it won’t be hard to keep that promise.  I’m looking forward to taking brief movies on the dig with my new pocket camera and posting them here!  Bookmark this page and check it out daily from July 5 through July 30.

Dr. Rhoda Schuler, aka, Regina Logistica