In Case You’re Wondering What We’re Doing Here…


Following is the basic 3 step process of Hippos archaeology for those of you tuning in at home wondering what we actually do here.  Please read carefully, and save all questions for the end. 

Step one: Use pick axe to loosen a layer of dirt.  (The boys in my group stated this as their favorite part of digging because it makes them feel “manly.”)DSCF0412

Step two: Use a turreah to shovel the dirt into buckets.DSCF0413

Step three: Transport the dirt by hand to the dump pile and… you guessed it, dump it out!

There are, of course, some other things involved such as picking up pottery sherds and other small finds like glass or bones; we take water breaks, fruit breaks, and even, on occasion, popsicle breaks, and there are many many big rocks to be moved during the course of the morning’s work, but here you see that in just a few steps, we slowly uncover more of this church complex at Hippos, really just one bucket of dirt at a time.  
Now you may ask any questions.