Queen Colleen’s Column


Colleen and friend Tina arrived on Wednesday of week one, but Tina was sick, and Colleen, a first time volunteer, stayed on the kibbutz to care for Tina and only had one week to dig. On Sunday of week two, Colleen’s first dig day, she worked with John, Carl, and me on E5 west (on the west side of the church complex—at the bottom of the aerial photo on the main web site). On Monday we moved to the east side of the complex to open a new square, ZZ1. As an experienced digger at opening squares (this was my 4th time), I KNEW there would be nothing to find or save (including pottery shards on the first day. Imagine my surprise when Colleen unearthed this!

IMG_0537 (Large).JPG

I don’t have a picture from Tuesday, but here’s how far we got by the end of the day Wednesday. We all took turns sitting on “Colleen’s column”:

IMG_0547 (Large).JPG

By the end of the week (Thursday), we had uncovered enough to see the second column drum, a sure sign that this column is resting on the floor! Colleen’s feet are dangling freely!

IMG_0559a (Large).JPG

Here she is hugging her column at the end of the week. In spite of a rocky start to her time on the dig, Colleen had a great time on the dig!