A Second Story with Mosaic Floor!


IMG_0544 (Large).JPG

Here’s Liz, engineering student from Northeastern College in Boston and 2nd year volunteer, with a large fragment of mosaic floor. By its position (way above floor level in A99), Dr. Archaeology Schuler has hypothesized that there was a second story above this room that collapsed in the earthquake of 749. My question: What room could be on the second story of the church complex that was important enough to rate a mosaic floor? And where are the stairs to get to it?

Maybe you’re wondering how the Concordia, St. Paul team got a volunteer from NE College in Boston. Liz tells me she wanted to go on a dig, any dig, last year, did some online research, and found the University of Haifa site. It had a link to the Concordia team. Her Dad emailed and then phoned “the other Dr. Schuler,” and after talking to him, said to his daughter, “These people seem nice. Why don’t you dig with them.” We’re so glad to have her back! She’s also among the “skilled labor” because she helps Arny check the elevation in each square at the end of the day. Thanks to Linda, who brought a set of walkie talkies, it’s easier for Liz and Arny to get those elevations on windy days. Liz holds the measuring stick in each square, gets it level, and then tells Arny (who’s in the distance with the elevation instrument) she’s ready. Sometimes we (that is, we who are unskilled labor) have to lift up or remove our shade tarps so that Arny can view the measuring stick.