“Good Fortune” Comes to Andrea


Earlier this season Andrea, our illustrious illustrator, was commenting that she’s been digging for 4 years and hasn’t found anything of great importance. Of course, the fact that Andrea spends lots of her time drawing stuff other people unearth (wall, floors, etc.) may be one reason why she’s been so, shall we say, “unlucky.” Today (Monday) she was drawing the basalt stone floor in square F8, a complicated area with a small room to one side and staircase to nowhere uncovered by Arny’s Army and cleaned by Arny personally just yesterday. F8 is on the southwest side of the site; most of us were working in the nave and on the northeast side. Suddenly Andrea was yelling, “Dr. Schuler, Dr. Schuler, come and look!” “What did you find?” someone yelled back. “It’s writing!” she replied. Here’s what Andrea found:

Inscription (Large).JPG

Here’s Andrea, proudly posing in front of the inscription, which Professor Arthur Segal thinks is a stone in secondary use:

Andrea and Inscription (Large).JPG

Here’s the first line of the inscription in legible format. It says “Good fortune …”


Check back later for more information! I took a long video of Arthur Segal reading it with Andrea making goofy faces, but getting my movies converted and posted takes a LONG time! Arny claims to have heard Professor Segal translating the inscription to read, “Roman Temple: Three blocks west.”