Quilting tarps for shade … and what happens when we work without it!


It’s vital to have shade over our work areas. Our two hearty campers who have lots of experience putting up tarps, Darryl and John, worked hard this morning to get enough shade to cover 2 adjacent work areas, ZZ99 and ZZ0. Cheryl and Sandra are the saints married to these 2 guys!

Once the Quilting Bee was over, everyone got down to work. The women’s team, headed by Rachel, is working to uncover (again) the threshold and floor to the north of it in ZZ99. Late in the morning the guys in ZZ0 may have discovered a staircase … which would explain the elevation difference between these 2 adjoining squares!

We were blessed with an overcast sky until breakfast this Sunday. Unfortunately, it was after breakfast in full sun that Kristina and I started uncovering the floor in the sacristy-type room to the north of the chancel. Sorry about the beeping noise in the background. It’s one of the tractors backing up as I filmed this section. I’m still not adept enough at editing to get the excess noise out of the film.

After a couple of hours of working in the sun to get the mosaic floor uncovered, Kristina and I both felt like this!

IMG_0748 (Large).JPG