Photos from “the Last Supper”


On Thursday evening, after seeing Rachel off to the airport, the “remnant” had dinner together at En Gev’s Fish Restaurant. We arrived in time to watch the sunset.

Sunset (Large).JPG

Sunset watching was a fav activity in the evenings throughout the season. Here are Glenn and John poised to get the best photo on our last evening:

glenn and john (Large).JPG

Some people held hands as they watched their final sunset over the Sea of Galilee:

hands at sunset (Large).JPG

A good time was had by all …

an and cam (Large).JPG

Andrea and Cameron Heiliger were delighted to be back for a FULL season this time. Andrea was the illustrator and Cameron moved LOTS of rocks in 4 weeks.

bert and ernie (Large).JPG

Darryl Schmidt & John Klinkhammer (otherwise knows as the odd couple OR the evil and good twins).

bren and alex (Large).JPG

Kristina’s pottery slaves, Brennan Woell and Alex Bednar. Who could resist their smiles?

Jim as Ks pillow (Large).JPG

Kristina Neumann, Assistant Director and Coordinator of Small Finds, had a LONG, exhausting week. She actually fell asleep on Jim Rogers’ shoulder after dinner!

glenn (Large).JPG

Veteran digger Glenn Borchers: In a class by himself!

c and c (Large).JPG

Carl Roessler, conservator-in-training and re-builder of the walls, and Caleb Meyer, rock mover and prime wheelbarrow-er.

JJ and hannah (Large).JPG

Jim Jim (not to be confused with Jim R) Appelbaum and daughter Hannah, budding illustrator

hannah, anna, liz (Large).JPG

Dr. Rhoda Schuler’s “shopping partners” in Jerusalem: Hannah Appelbaum (again), Anna Fink, and Liz Horgan

lutheran pd (Large).JPG

“Lutheran pairadocs” (get it?) Mark and Rhoda Schuler