Let’s dance . . .


It was a stunning day for small finds as Brennan unearthed a hoard of finds outside the doorway of W1904.  Brennan is shown here holding a metal pouring pot (tea anyone?)


Probably the most significant find was a dancing maenad carved in bone. In Greek mythology, maenads were the female followers of Dionysus, the most significant members of the Thiasus, the retinue of Dionysus. Their name literally translates as “raving ones”. Often the maenads were portrayed as inspired by Dionysus into a state of ecstatic frenzy, through a combination of dancing and drunken intoxication.


Two flasks, a scarab in metal, a ring, and at least one large broken pot comprise the finds for the day . . . just from this spot.

Ask us sometime about the marble cornices, the dagger, the vats, . . .