Season closes


After four weeks of work, the archaeology team from Concordia University has successfully completed its work in two excavation zones.

In the Northeast Zone, the team uncovered a dramatic entrance to the garden of the House of Tyche graced by an inscription.

From this entry, the ancient visitor would turn south and pass through a doorway into the Entrance Hall of the house, where another inscription would hail the visitor, “Enter for good.”

In the Southwest Zone, the team excavated the Building Alpha complex by digging through 2.5 m of heavy fill. In its final stage, the structure had four rooms: two the the east separated by a window wall,

and two on the west, divided by a central wall.

Interestingly, no doorway to the exterior exists from this level and no evidence of a staircase survives.

Watch for more detail and an interim report in the weeks ahead.

Thanks to students and volunteers for their hard work, and to our readers and followers for their support.