Rocks rocks and MORE rocks!!!!


Day 2

Today was our first full day of actual digging. My team and I are in charge of excavating a certain part of the dig site, which we believe to be some sort of a room.  We spent all day filling buckets of dirt and exposing rocks to haul off in an attempt to get to the floor. During this process we found a few small animal bones, shards of glass and pottery. I found a small broken glass base to a bottle which Dr. Schuler believes we can use to help get us more accurately date the site. Another interesting find was a part of a column that was used as part of a wall. (Back in the day people would use what they could find to help build a structure) I even saw my very first scorpion, which I killed after naming him Lyle.  To be honest (which I always am) today was really difficult and draining. I have not done this much physical labor at any time in my life and I’m extremely sore. However, I do have to say that clearing all the rocks and seeing how much work we got done today was really rewarding. I had a little bit of anxiety when we were exposing the rock, but our team handled it very well in addition to working together to accomplish a similar goal. The best part of today I would have to say is getting a bottle of wine, a plate of grapes, going to the beach with good people, and watching the Sea of Galilee while having amusing and wonderful conversations!


The piece of class
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