Boom, we saw the floor


Day 3

Today started off really slow. I was sore, tired and hungry, three things that usually do not sit well for me. As the day was wearing on it started to become better, we were hauling more and more dirt. Then about halfway through the day, BOOM, we saw floor AND the bottom of the column. We believe that we had so much rock fall due to an earthquake. This totally makes sense to me.  Darryl the team leader and JimJim (I did not type his name twice, that’s his name) both found nails, and we found some sort of a coin, which at this time we are unable to accurately date.   We hope by day 5 we will have the entire floor exposed. The dig really starts to become exciting when you begin to uncover and find things; it really helps the days go by fast.

The nail

 The floor