Room completed



Day 5

And its complete, our room that is!!! We are still unaware what the room was used for; however we believe the room was from the Umayyad era. The interesting “thing” that we found was a slab of marble. Originally we thought that there was an inscription on one side and or maybe was a tomb of some sort. We were wrong on both accounts. The piece of slab ended up being the top to table. We found one of legs that had some beautiful fluting on it. It may not have been a significant find, but it was very mind boggling at first. While the walls are from the Umayyad period the marble table was likely from an earlier era, maybe even Roman. The second half of the dig, we started a new room.  A new space means hard dirt. While the men were picking at the dirt to soften it up, Miss Suzy and I were assigned to sweep the rock. YES, I know, HOW on earth can you sweep rock???? Not only was it tedious, but we swept the dirt which turned into dust and eventually landed back on the rock anyway. The worst part was being in the sun for an hour and half. It was draining!!!!! I’m really looking forward to starting a new room, from the beginning; I’m going to try and work extra hard, to finish it in the next three weeks!!!!