Field Trip Day!!!!!


Day 7

Today the dig was uneventful…. We did however move a lot of dirt. After the dig we went to Mount Arbel and WOW what an amazing experience. Honestly I have NEVER seen anything like this view and or the way the rocks where. There was this cave that supposedly Seth one of Adams kids, was buried in.  There were caves that people fled to due to Herod the greats persecution, the rocks were HUGE and there really was no trail to follow. At some points while hiking down I really got nervous. One fall and I could have gotten seriously hurt, but the experience was worth it. I don’t know, maybe I’m becoming an adrenaline junky.  As the group was listening to the guide we saw a herd of cows, well I think that they are cows, they had horns!!! After the hike we all (A mixture of the American group and Israeli group) had a picnic outside and watched the sunset.  All in all today was a great day and evening.

Mount Arbel
The cow