Rolling Right Along


Day 8

Well we got Jim Jim back up at the dig site Hooray!!! Today I worked my little booty off, and my eyes were burning from the sweat dripping in them. However I had my ear plugs on and the second half of the dig went really fast. We moved a ton of rock, one which I had been working on since Sunday. It’s really boggles my mind on how the people from the Byzantine and Umayyad periods made these structures. By no means am I trying to belittle them, but it’s truly incredible! The last few days, as we were cleaning up, Darryl the team leader, always says “wow we moved a lot of dirt”; and every day it makes me feel good knowing that I helped and contributed to that. I may not be the strongest person out there, but I’m a fierce one. I will start to take before and after pictures, so you out there are able to see the progress for yourself!

Working like a dog!!!!!!