Perfect weather kind of day

The sky at 6am


Day 9

 We had the best weather today for digging. There was a great breeze and clouds in the sky. Don’t get me wrong it still was hot, but a nice change. Today we basically tackled rock after rock, so I didn’t take before and after pictures like I had said. I will leave that for tomorrow. However, I did get a picture of all the rocks!!!!! John’s group has been working on a room in the house of TK, and got to the floor which happens to be plaster and has a ton of tesserae. Tesserae are little square pieces of art used to make mosaics. Usually the elite, wealthy people had the art which decorated their structures.  While the big manly men were working on the rocks in Darryl’s group Suzie and I went to help sweep up the layer of dirt on the plaster floor in the house of TK. The room should be done by breakfast tomorrow.  Sweeping is kind of a tedious job so Suzie and I are going to be bringing up our music. Watch out John you have two women who love to sing and are tone deaf and can’t carry a tune, but what’s important is that we will be having fun!

 ***** My computer wont allow me to upload the rock picture. I will have to do it tomorrow. SORRY