Going down the cistern


Day 13

Well today we went down a cistern (a place water was kept) that was found previously in the house of TK. I honestly didn’t think that I would be able to make it down without an anxiety attack, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. Since the opening was so small, we had to use a rope ladder. The rope ladder reminded me of a game at the state fair, the game where you have to climb a horizontal rope ladder at a slant to ring a bell without falling off or spinning over. Down in the cistern it was very hot and humid and the walls were covered in a plaster that was red which tells us that this was used in the roman period. It was really very neat. The second half of the morning, both groups finished their tasks and I believe tomorrow we both start new rooms, which I’m not looking forward to. New rooms mean new dirt. New dirt is harder and heavier. I enjoy the easier dirt of course!

coming up from the cistern