Day 8 of the 2016 Season

Day 8 saw both teams opening new areas in the North Building.  With the Sea of Galilee as a backdrop, it is a most beautiful place to work.

team Sea

Work on the eastern section of the Hours of Tyche and Cordo 4 North is now complete. We present the final model here:

Eastern storage room & Cardo 4N on 12 July 2016
by Dr. Mark Schuler
on Sketchfab

I close with a bit of a surprise. We removed a blockage in Cardo 3 North near the south entrance to the North Building. Much to our surprise, we found a blocked doorway to the House of Tyche with a decorated lintel still in situ and decorated door jambs.  The door hails from early in the history of the house when Cardo 3 North dropped off down toward the north wall of the city. The stone work is worn but quite impressive.

blocked doorway