At 9:30 am this morning, the Concordia team finished their excavation work at Antiochia Hippos in the Sussita National Park, Jordan Valley, Israel. The Northeast Insula Project came to an end.


The team had hit bedrock. They could dig no further.


And so we turned to the final task of refilling the fragile water features of the garden. Our work is done.


The team this year consistently outperformed my expectations. It was wonderful to work again with veterans such as Darryl, John, JimJim, Arny, and Glenn . . . my dear friends. My Canadian colleague, Dr. Steve Chambers has been critical to the success of this project. Drs. Michael Dorner and David Kluth have been so important these last two years.

But it is the students — the crazy, jovial, energetic core — that make all the sweat and work and puzzling of archaeology worth while.


To Jordan, Dez, Lawson, Ben, [Emily not pictured] and all my dear ones over the years, thank you!

I pray that, as you have drawn closer to the land of Jesus in this experience, in the same way His love may never depart from you either.