Day 2: An Interesting Feature

It was a second day, a hot second day, for pulling weeds and cutting brush. Not much exciting there. But while resting briefly I noticed something I had not seen before. It has to do with the lintel of the doorway we will probe later in the season.

Lintel of a blocked doorway to the House of Tyche

This decorative lintel on the House of Tyche was an entrance from a small street. To the left of the lintel stone is another decorative stone. Today for the first time I noticed a notch in the upper left of that stone.

The notch up close.

What was the purpose of the notch. Did it perhaps hold a torch lighting the entrance at night. I set a trowel in the notch to suggest that a torch might have been placed there to light the entrance at night.

A trowel hangs in the notch

I will have to find comparanda for this interesting feature. It is certainly more interesting than all the weeds we pulled today.