Day 9: Not a doorway?

In 2016, after removing a blockage from Cardo 3 North, we discovered what looked like the top of a monumental doorway in the west wall of the House of Tyche. As the floor on the opposite side of the wall was low enough, we resolved to open a probe in the street to find the threshold and thus understand more of the history of the house.

After just two days of work, the supposed doorway may not be a doorway at all.

Not a doorway?

The limestone blocks in the lower right of the picture, blocks on which the wall sits, interrupt the line of the right door jamb. They are at the same elevation as foundation blocks for the wall on the opposite side of the street.

If this interpretation is correct, the lintel stone and related pieces are in secondary use as wall stones and are not a doorway.

Such a surprise!