Day 17: Questions

I worked by myself on the NIP today looking into a number of small questions. The blocked doorway from the north medial chamber to the north building is 60 cm above the floor in the chamber but 135 cm above the floor of the north building. I went looking for a threshold, but could not find one. The blockage sits on bedrock.

I have in my notes that there were brick pavers inside the north entrance on the east side of the north building. But I have no photo. These I was able to find. The brick paving continues under the bench on the east side of the room.

Fragment of brick paving

Other questions included a protrusion on the west side of the east wall of the House of Tyche in the southeast corner, the discovery of a small bench (likely a bed) in a rooms south of the church, and other little details.

I am pleased with what I see, when I have time to look.