Northeast Church at Hippos
01 south aisle.jpg
The south aisle looking east
02 guilloche mosaic.jpg
02 Guilloche mosaic fragment from

the south aisle
03 basalt cross.JPG
03 Basalt cross from the peak

of the western facade
04 columns of north aisle.jpg
04 North run of column bases
05 cistern.JPG
05 Head of the cistern in the northwest corner

of the domus
06 chancel.jpg
Chancel showing the remains of the floor
from phase two fo the church
07 skeleton in cist tomb.jpg
07 Skeleton in cist tomb
08 west inscription of the sarcophagus.jpg
08 West inscription from the

exposed sarcophagus
09 anointing device from sarcophagus.jpg
09 Anointing device from

the exposed sarcophagus
10 arranged bones in sarcophagus.jpg
10 Arranged bones in

the exposed sarcophagus